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The PHP Spell Check component adds fast, reliable spell-checking to web sites and intranets. Installed on either IIS and Apache Servers, PHP Spell Check works on all major browsers since IE5.

PHP SpellCheck comprises 2 main aspects. The first is a server-side spellchecker class which loads up to 30 international language dictionaries and has functions to determine of a word is on the dictionary. If not, it will accurately suggest the correct spelling. The correct spelling makes use of NLP programming technology including, phonetics, string similarity, common transpositions and keyboard layout.

PHP Spell Check also contains a front end class with renders spell-checking to any HTML/PHP web page. This makes integration simple and effective.

The SpellButton functionality causes a spellchecker dialog to pop-up which can spell check 1 or many HTML Elements, textareas, inputs, rich editors, CKEditor, TinyMCE and more.

The SpellCheckAsYouType functionality cases normal HTML TextAreas and Inputs to render with custom contextual spell-checking. This means that red lines appear under spelling suggestions - and suggestions appear on right click. This advanced functionality because you , the developers, have complete control over which dictionaries are available. The spell-checking occurs on the server so that spell-checking occurs even in browsers that have no native spell-check ability. This is popular used for governments and corporate intranet applications.

We have commercial license options which help us keep this project at the forefront of internet spellchecking technology. PHP Spell Check also has a developer license that does not expire and covers your development and internal testing needs at no cost.


Feature Rich


Developer Friendly


Truly International

A Trusted Solution

You can download and set up PHPSpellCheck in about 5 minutes. The developer license / trial is free, and does not expire. It is designed to cover all of your development and testing needs for free.

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