Getting Started Spell Checking with PHP is Easy

Download & Install

  • Download PHP Spell Check for free
  • Unzip the archive
  • Copy/FTP the phpspellcheck folder to the root of your website (/phpspellcheck/)


  • Add this php code to you page:
#PHP Source Code
require "/phpspellcheck/include.php";  //edit this path if necessary

$mySpell = new SpellCheckButton();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
echo $mySpell->SpellImageButton();

$mySpell = new SpellAsYouType();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
echo $mySpell->Activate();


  • Try out the examples in the /phpspellcheck/examples folder
  • The Live API Explorer allows you to leans about PHPSpellCheck the fun way.
  • The Documentation has full API Object References
  • Dictionaries can be downloaded for free and should be copied into /phpspellcheck/dictionaries/
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