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PHP SpellChecker

PHP Spellcheck On-line Manual

Getting Started

Getting Started Spell Checking with PHP is Easy


Download Free International Dictionaries for PHP Spell Check


Easy Installation - Just copy the files to install


PHP Spell Check is a fully featured Spell-checking Script for PHP Developers


We have tried to ensure that almost all web and Intranet users will be able to use this software.


An Entire Chapter of Pride and Prejudice - spell checked with almost no delay to the user.


Download Free Dictionaries For PHP Spell Check...


If the server can not read the dictionaries - all words will appear to be spelling mistakes. Give EVERYONE access to READ the phpspellcheck/dictionaries folder and all files and sub-directories inside.

Language Filters

The PHP Spell Checker offers easy routes to ban words from ever being accepted.


PHPSpellCheck's user interface text is customizable and has already been translated into 52 languages.

Adding Custom Vocabulary

PHPSpellCheck offers many routes to add words the the spellchecker's vocabulary.

Javascript AJAX Spell Check API

The JavaScript API allows developers the choice to use all of PHPSpellCheck's functionality using JavaScript as the integration language. This also allows PHPSpellCheck to be implemented within non-php applications.

Performance Tuning

PHPSpellCheck has method for developers to fine tune the performance of the suggestion engine.


Our biggest customer base is Governmental and Military - so security is something we have learned to do well.

The Settings File

The settings file allows developers to fine tune the behavior of the spellchecker engine behind the SpellCheckButton and SpellAsYouType user interfaces.


PHPSpellCheck offers ongoing free updates to all our users. We stand by our awesome product.

License hereby grants you a non-exclusive license to the phpspellcheck software component (the software).