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Spell Checking In a Context Menu

The PHP SpellAsYouType Class allows you to spell check in the context of you page.

Any activated textarea will develop "red wiggly underlines" under all spelling mistakes - and the user can correct them on right click.

This behavior is server efficiant, requires no client plug-ins - and words on all major web browsers including Internet Explorer (IE).

The SpellAsYouType class allows the developer a great deal of customization, choice of languages, translations and so forth.

<textarea id='myTextArea'>Content</textarea>

require "/phpspellcheck/include.php"; // this path must lead to you PHP Spell Check Install folder
//For inline "spell-as-you-type" on right click

$mySpell = new SpellAsYouType();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
echo $mySpell->Activate();