Performance and Server Stability

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An Entire Chapter of Pride and Prejudice - spell checked with almost no delay to the user.


  • Correct suggestions ranked 1st the majority of the time.. Currently outscoring popular word processors on accuracy by using:
    • International Phonetics
    • Typing mistakes & Human Keyboard Behaviors
    • DNA similarity matching algorithms
    • Proprietary Fuzzy Logic also optimized on dyslexic users.
  • High quality, modern international dictionaries.


  • Suggestion accuarcy and behaviors can be modified by the developer.
  • Bandwidth usage compressed to under 20% - even under 5% with large documents.
  • Packet queuing ensures a fast initial response to the users.
  • Local Cache ensures that the server is sent the minimum of repeat requests.
  • No modifications to code required to spell-check huge documents.
  • AJAX interface minimizes bandwidth and ensures a continually smooth user experience.
  • Ready for large user groups and load-balanced server clusters without modification.
  • Spell Checking over 30,000 words a second.