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PHP SpellChecker

PHP BB Spell-Checker Integration

PHPSPellCheck can easily be made to act as the spellchecker for the popular PHPBB forum software.

  1. Copy the phpspellcheck folder to the root of your PHPBB3 installation.
    • This is the same level as the docs, cache , files , image , include etc......
  2. Edit PHPBB3/includes/functions.php
    • Look at at line 4683 you have function page_footer
      • Add this code to page_footer:

Spell-Checking Every User Input:

// PHPBB3/includes/functions.php  Line 4683

* Generate page footer
function page_footer($run_cron = true)
               require  "phpspellcheck/include.php";

                $mySpell = new SpellAsYouType();
                $mySpell->InstallationPath = "phpspellcheck/"; //  Relative URL of           phpspellcheck within your site
                $mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
                echo $mySpell->Activate();