Installation Guide Download & Install

PHP Spell Check > Documentation > Installation

  1. Download PHP Spell Check
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Copy/FTP the phpspellcheck folder to the root of your website (/phpspellcheck/)
  4. Try the examples in the /phpspellcheck/examples folder

Easy Installation - Just copy the files to install

  • No monkey business. Just copy the files to install. If your not satisfied - you can just delete it.
  • Requires just PHP4 or PHP5. No database, libraries, run-times or dependency on the OS.
  • No plug-in required by your users - works on locked down intranets.
  • Works on standard PHP hosting packages. It also supports load balanced enterprise hosting, clouds and server-farms without any additional set-up.
  • Apache HTTP server and & Windows IIS support on Mac, Windows, Linux & Unix Servers.
  • Easy to follow Quick-start guide