Spell Check A Frame or iFrame with PHP

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PHPSpellCheck can be set to spell check the contents any Frame or iFrame using the Fields property of the SpellCheckButton Class. Inline spellchecking cannot be applied to frames.

Note - that it is not possible to spell-check an iframe that points to a remote domain due to browser XSS security.

Spell-Checking An IFrame By Id

$mySpell->Fields = "myIFrameId";

Setting the field to the ID attribute of your iframe tag is the most specific way to target an Iframe.

Spell-Checking An IFrame By Index

$mySpell->Fields = "IFRAME:0";

In some instances - iFrames may not have Id attributes. In this case - you can acess them by their index in the Frames collection.

  • IFRAME:0 will access the first iFrame in the HTML Document.
  • IFRAME:1 will access the second iFrame in the HTML Document.
  • ...and so forth.