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The PHP SpellCheckButton Class allows you to spell check dialog similar to those in popular word processing applications.

Any number of textareas, text fields, HTML Elements, Rich HTML Editors or Iframes can be spellchecked simultaneously;

This spellchecker is very fast - and can manage large documents (like chapters of a book) without any significant user waiting.

PHP Spell Check also can instructed to submit your forms upon successful spelling validation.

The SpellCheckButton class allows the developer a great deal of customization, choice of languages, translations and so forth.

<textarea id='myTextArea'>Content</textarea>

require "/phpspellcheck/include.php";

$mySpell = new SpellCheckButton();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
$mySpell->ShowSummaryScreen = false;
echo $mySpell->SpellImageButton();