PHP Spell Check is a fully featured Spell-checking Script for PHP Developers

PHP Spell Check - An Innovative and well packaged spellchecking script

All in 1 package
  • A fully featured spelling dialogue just like MS Word
  • Contextual As-You Type Spell Checking with red wiggly underlines in your text boxes on all major browsers.
  • Did-You-Mean search phrase suggestions
  • A PHP Spell-checking Engine with no dependencies on server components or plug-ins
Performance and Stability
  • A high Performance spelling engine which can be scaled to large user bases.
  • Works on load balanced servers without extra setup.
  • Bandwidth compression of over 80% - even with large documents
  • Spell checks over 30,000 words a second using raw PHP
  • Even entire novels can be spell-checked with stability and great performance.
Accurate Suggestions

The correct suggestion is on top the vast majority of the time because PHP Spell Check is aware of:

  • International phonetics
  • Human-Keyboard behavior
  • Dyslexic behavior
  • ...and good old fashioned mistakes.
Linguistic Control

Developers can fine tine performance characteristics

  • Select error tolerance based on DNA matching algorithms.
  • Add custom vocabulary from Text Files, Databases and Arrays
  • Use your own custom dictionaries
  • User dictionaries can be stored locally or centrally on the server.
  • Structural grammar checking.
  • Ban words from use in your organization - filter profanity and jargon.
  • Enforce spelling correction and ban inappropriate Words, Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Teach it about Common Typos and vocabulary in your industry.
  • Spell-check in multiple languages simultaneously - such as French and English at the same time.
Free Dictionaries including medical, Legal and Scientific words
  • FREE Dictionaries provided - and user interface in 39 Languages.
  • FREE Medical, Legal, Scientific, Engineering, Science dictionaries
Compatible with other great PHP technologies
  • FCK Editor, CKEditor, Moxiecode Tiny MCE and all other known Rich HTML editors!
  • Plugs in to all major PHP CMS systems with ease.
  • MVC Ready
Always getting better
  • If you want a feature - just ask! We want to stay at the top of our field. So let us now what you want.

Based on Live-spell Technology

  • Refined with 6 years user feedback
  • Well tested and hence trusted
  • Designed with Security in mind.
  • Compatible across major web browsers of the last 10 years
  • Accessible and Standards Compliant

Great APIs.

We love properly made coding tools. We want you to get to Hello World in under 5 minutes.

  1. Rich PHP UI Components provide fast effective spellchecker for your web applications
  2. PHP Core SpellChecking Class exposed for you custom applications and fine-tuning.
  3. JavaScript & AJAX API allows for interesting client side development - and also allows integration with Non-PHP web applications.


We stand by our code. Who else can offer a lifetime of free support and upgrades?

Open Discussion

Please let us know how to improve PHPSpellCheck.