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PHP SpellChecker

PHP Spell Check is a fully featured Spell-checking Script for PHP Developers

PHP Spell Check - An Innovative and well packaged spellchecking script

All in 1 package

Performance and stability

Accurate suggestions

The correct suggestion is on top the vast majority of the time because PHP Spell Check is aware of:

Linguistic control

Developers can fine tine performance characteristics

Free Dictionaries including medical, Legal and Scientific words

Compatible with other great PHP technologies

Always getting better

Based on Live-spell Technology

Great APIs.

We love properly made coding tools. We want you to get to Hello World in under 5 minutes.

  1. Rich PHP UI Components provide fast effective spellchecker for your web applications
  2. PHP Core SpellChecking Class exposed for you custom applications and fine-tuning.
  3. JavaScript & AJAX API allows for interesting client side development - and also allows integration with Non-PHP web applications.


We stand by our code. Who else can offer a lifetime of free support and upgrades?