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Licensing PHPSpellCheck

We offer permissive licenses scaled to the size of any project. If you have any licensing questions please contact for clarification.

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer and Electronic Funds Transfer, Invoices and Purchase Orders in major currencies.

$299 Public Website License

Licenses PHPSpellCheck within one public website domain (single subdomain) where the web-site's full content and functionality are are available to the general public.

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$499 Private Intranet License

Licenses PHPSpellCheck within one private web application accessible across a local network or behind a private login. It covers only the usage for ONE end user organization.

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$999 (Most Popular) Enterprise License

Licenses PHPSpellCheck for any number of website and intranet application hosted on servers owned or leased by the same end-user organization.

This license is deigned to covers all of your organization's intranets, extranets and websites.

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$799 SaaS License

Licenses PHPSpellCheck within multiple public website domains and subdomains for the purposes of providing ONE SaaS software service.

This license is designed to cover "software as a service" applications.

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$1499 Redistribution License

Licenses your organization to distribute PHPSpellCheck (without royalty) as part of ONE distinct packaged commercial product, provided that your application is not a software development system or tool, nor a spell-checking product in its self.

This license will allow you to include the spell-checker within your own software product..

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Perpetual Licensing


Your software will be unlocked by a traceable license key which will be delivered immediately when your payment clears.

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Paying by Invoice or Purchase Order

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This software is exclusively vended by Digital River Inc..

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