Download Free Dictionaries For PHP Spell Check...

Working With Dictionaries

Installation of New Dictionaries:

  1. Dictionaries can be downloaded for free from
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy the .dic file /phpspellcheck/dictionaries/

Adding New Words:

  1. Add 1 word per line to /phpspellcheck/dictionaries/custom.txt

Removing Words:

  1. Add 1 word per line to /phpspellcheck/dictionaries/language-rules/banned-words.txt

Create Your Own Dictionary

Your own .dic dictionaries can be Encoded from text files PHPSpellCheck .

Setting The Default Dictionary

$mySpell->Language = "Espanol"; // Name of the .dic file

Using Multiple Dictionaries At The Same Time

$mySpell->Language = "English (Canada),Francais"; // comma separated list
  • This causes the spellchecker to use both dictionaries simultaneously. This unique feature is very useful for spell-checking multi-language documents.