Quick Integration

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The fastest way to get started is to set the Fields property to ALL.

This will spell-check all TextAreas, Text Fields and Rich HTML Editors in your PHP page automatically.

#PHP Source Code
require "/phpspellcheck/include.php"; // this path must lead to you PHP Spell Check Install folder

//For a spell-check button that opens in a pop-up dialog.
$mySpell = new SpellCheckButton();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
echo $mySpell->SpellImageButton();

//For inline "spell-as-you-type" on right click
$mySpell = new SpellAsYouType();
$mySpell->InstallationPath = "/phpspellcheck/";
$mySpell->Fields = "ALL";
echo $mySpell->Activate();

You could add this code anywhere in a page (for example a template header or footer) to ad spellchecking your entire application easily.

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